Easy faucet without a complicated captcha


Easy faucet – I might as well be clear about Bitcoin faucets from the beginning. I don’t like them! It may just be my own character shortcomings of impatience, and certain kind of laziness, that makes me see them as too much trouble for relatively little gain! There are though some exceptions, that even their most fanatic adversary must admit that they bring a new and fresh perspective on the whole scene of Bitcoin Faucets!

One such Bitcoin faucet is BITTER.IO What sets it apart from its peers, is not a difference to the business model, but rather a new approach to the execution!

Bitter1. It comes as a Chrome Addon! Safe and nonobstructive!
Easy faucet2. It alerts you when there are new ads to view!



3. New ads are easy to distinguish and clicking on them will open a new Chrome tab.

Bitter4. The timer will count your visit.
Bitter5. When the visit is over, just click on the icon to open the interface.






6. Fill up the easy human verification captcha and claim your reward!

Bitter7. The whole process is easy, quick and you can do it at your convenience!


You can start earning immediately by getting the addon HERE

Easy faucet

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